2013 NCAA Bracket Picks: Pitt, Ohio State Crash The Final Four?

by Matt Woods | February 22nd, 2013

One of the more enjoyable aspects of filling out an NCAA tournament bracket is finding a sleeper or two to make the Final Four, and our 2013 NCAA bracket picks have identified two solid candidates. Specifically, two teams are seeded worse than a 4, yet have about 10% odds to make a Final Four run.

Pittsburgh, who our models currently project as a 5-seed, particularly stands out, as the most recent 2013 NCAA bracket picks give the Panthers an 11.4% chance to make the semifinals. For perspective, those odds are higher than projected 3-seeds Arizona, Michigan St and New Mexico.

Additionally, Ohio St has nearly a 10% chance to make the Final Four in our most recent bracket picks, despite being projected as only a 7-seed. That’s higher than three 5-seeds and three 4-seeds.

While both are still relative long shots, our 2013 NCAA bracket picks give both the Panthers and the Buckeyes much higher odds than their projected seeds would indicate.



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  1. johnny Says:

    As much as I would love to see PITT make the Final Four, I think I can say with statistically certainty they do not play well in this tournament. Great defense, but they almost always have trouble scoring in the big dance. OSU would be a better bet. I hope Minnesota shows up (doubtful, since not at Williams Arena) and I am very curious how Georgetown, Miami and Colorado play.

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