2013 NCAA Bracket Predictions: Pac-12 Picture Looks Clear

by Matt Woods | March 6th, 2013

While teams across the county scramble to get on or off the bubble, the Pac-12 looks relatively stable. In fact, according to our latest 2013 bracket predictions, the fate of those twelve schools is all but sealed.

Specifically, UCLA, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and California all have 98%+ odds to make the tournament in our most recent NCAA bracket predictions. With odds that high this late in the year, it’s probably safe to call all five locks.

Moreover, no other Pac-12 school appears capable of earning an at large bid. Three teams have non-0% at large odds, but Washington, Stanford, and Arizona State each have less than a 2% chance to earn an at large birth in today’s bracket predictions.

Our models do see about a 13% that one of the bottom seven teams pulls a surprise and steals the automatic bid. Barring that happening, however, our 2013 NCAA bracket predictions see the Pac-12 solidly as a five-bid conference.

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