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"Bracketography" is a made-up word describing the projection (-ography) of the NCAA Tournament field (bracket) prior to its announcement on Selection Sunday. It is conducted by David Mihm, a graduate of Williams College who is currently based in Oakland, California. Mihm has six years experience projecting the bracket and has consistently demonstrated accuracy levels comparable to and higher than other bracket analysts, including Joe Lunardi, Jerry Palm, and Stewart Mandel.

In 2006, editor David Mihm was featured in a New York Times article on Selection Sunday and also appeared as a guest on ESPN2's Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. He has been interviewed by a number of smaller media outlets, including CBS 5 San Francisco, the Oakland Tribune, the Reno News-Gazette, the Toledo Free Press, and others. Mihm is a regular guest on ESPN Radio in the Louisville, South Florida, and Central Illinois markets.

Mihm updates this site approximately every ten days throughout the season to reflect changes in seeding based on recently played games. During Tournament Week, leading up to Selection Sunday, updates will be given daily. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to email him at davidmihm@gmail.com.

Bracketography.com was developed as an alternative to the advertisement-saturated monster that ESPN.com has become. If you're tired of constantly waiting for pages to load, closing pop-up windows every ten seconds, or paying for Insider to gain access to all the good stories, welcome to Bracketography. Enjoy your browsing, and thanks for visiting.

All teams: 382 / 390 .979
At-large teams:: 196 / 204 .961
Teams projected to their exact seed:

182 / 390

Within one line of exact seed*: 323 / 390 .828
* the Selection Committee is allowed to move teams one line from their true seed if there are conference, regular-season, or geographic conflicts. This number represents a bracket analyst's true accuracy rating.