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FINAL NCAA Bracket Prediction 2012 is Posted On The Main Page

With Michigan State’s win over Ohio State in the Big Ten final, they win the season series 2 to 1, and their combo of Big Ten regular season and tournament titles will be tough to ignore, given the results of the other top seeds this week. Therefore, Michigan State has swapped places with Ohio State… more »

Preliminary Selection Sunday 2012 NCAA Bracket Prediction Is Up

This is just a quick note to highlight the fact that a new predicted NCAA bracket has been posted. The new NCAA bracket takes into account all games played through Saturday. This means there are only four games left which could affect the bracket, and contingency plans exist for all of them. Though the contingency… more »

Only One Day Left: Saturday Update to 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

A new bracket is up, taking into account games through Friday, February 9th. Yesterday’s slate created a ton of movement, as it seemed like every team on the 1o line through the bubble played, and a lot of them lost. Plenty of squads moved up a line or two simply because they didn’t play, while… more »

UPDATED: 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction

This update takes into account all games through Wednesday March 7th, and some games that took place on Thursday, March 8th. There was absolutely no movement on the top eight seed lines, as nearly all the games of the past couple days have involved bubble teams or worse. The few protected seeds that played since… more »

2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction Updated

The 2012 NCAA tournament bracket on the home page has been updated, taking into account games played through March 5th, 2012. At this point we’re starting to see some conference tournaments end, and actual invitations to the the 2012 NCAA tournament are being handed out. The following teams were included because they won their conference… more »

2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Top Lines Are In Flux

The bracket on the home page has been updated to reflect games through Tuesday, February 21st. A few thoughts: That one seed that we said would go to either Missouri or Kansas? It’s looking like it may be headed Kansas’s way, given Missouri’s home loss to Kansas State. Ohio State continues their downward slide, and… more »

2012 NCAA Tournament Projected Bracket (Reflecting Games Through February 13)

This is just a quick heads up that the bracket on the home page has been updated. The new seedings reflect games through Monday, February 13th. A few thoughts: It’s beginning to look like one of the #1 seeds is almost guaranteed to go to Missouri or Kansas, unless both stumble down the stretch. Ohio… more »

First March Madness Bracket Prediction of 2012 Is Up!

The first NCAA tournament bracket projection of the 2011-12 season has been posted. Since this is the first NCAA tournament bracket of the year, there may be a few kinks, and the position of teams will surely change through the year. Three of the four #1 seeds are clear — Syracuse, Kentucky, and Ohio State… more »

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