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Making sense of the Big XII (Preseason Wrap)

You can all but put the Big 12 non-conference season in the books. With the exception of a couple of key non-conference games this weekend, almost every team will be planning ahead to their first conference opponent. As opposed to past years, the Big 12 finally looks to be wide open. With the exception of… more »

Arizona vs Texas A&M

Year one in the post-Billy Gillispie era is going better than expected for the Texas A&M Aggies. With new head coach Mark Turgeon running the show at A&M, the Aggies off are to a 7-0 start for the fourth straight season and have shown the nation that they again plan to make a major push… more »

Washington vs Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State and Washington come into Saturday’s Pac-10/Big 12 Hardwood Series tilt looking for some consistency on the floor. Both teams were involved in preseason tournaments in New York and Hawaii; however, neither team was able to fully capitalize on the opportunity of playing against some of the best teams in the country on a… more »

Oregon State vs Iowa State

The term rebuilding might come to mind when mentioning the Iowa State Cyclones and the Oregon State Beavers this season. However, the term might be viewed differently depending on which team you’re looking at. For Iowa State the word brings to mind the possibility of improvements after a subpar 15-16 season overall. While most schools… more »

USC vs Oklahoma

On paper the roster looks like a total mess: five freshman, five sophomores, three juniors and not one single senior. It looks bad. Based on those numbers alone, it’s impossible to think that any team could ever dream of hanging with some of the best teams in the country, let alone even fathom vying for… more »

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