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Possibly Final 2012 NCAA Bracket Prediction Loaded

Just a quick not: the 2012 NCAA bracket prediction has been updated with the results of the first three games today. The last game is Ohio State vs. Michigan State in the Big Ten championship. Currently, Ohio State is projected as a #1 seed and Michigan State as a #2 seed. If Michigan State win,… more »

Preliminary Selection Sunday 2012 NCAA Bracket Prediction Is Up

This is just a quick note to highlight the fact that a new predicted NCAA bracket has been posted. The new NCAA bracket takes into account all games played through Saturday. This means there are only four games left which could affect the bracket, and contingency plans exist for all of them. Though the contingency… more »

Only One Day Left: Saturday Update to 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

A new bracket is up, taking into account games through Friday, February 9th. Yesterday’s slate created a ton of movement, as it seemed like every team on the 1o line through the bubble played, and a lot of them lost. Plenty of squads moved up a line or two simply because they didn’t play, while… more »

UPDATED: 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction

This update takes into account all games through Wednesday March 7th, and some games that took place on Thursday, March 8th. There was absolutely no movement on the top eight seed lines, as nearly all the games of the past couple days have involved bubble teams or worse. The few protected seeds that played since… more »

2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction Updated

The 2012 NCAA tournament bracket on the home page has been updated, taking into account games played through March 5th, 2012. At this point we’re starting to see some conference tournaments end, and actual invitations to the the 2012 NCAA tournament are being handed out. The following teams were included because they won their conference… more »

2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Top Lines Are In Flux

The bracket on the home page has been updated to reflect games through Tuesday, February 21st. A few thoughts: That one seed that we said would go to either Missouri or Kansas? It’s looking like it may be headed Kansas’s way, given Missouri’s home loss to Kansas State. Ohio State continues their downward slide, and… more »

2012 NCAA Tournament Projected Bracket (Reflecting Games Through February 13)

This is just a quick heads up that the bracket on the home page has been updated. The new seedings reflect games through Monday, February 13th. A few thoughts: It’s beginning to look like one of the #1 seeds is almost guaranteed to go to Missouri or Kansas, unless both stumble down the stretch. Ohio… more »

First March Madness Bracket Prediction of 2012 Is Up!

The first NCAA tournament bracket projection of the 2011-12 season has been posted. Since this is the first NCAA tournament bracket of the year, there may be a few kinks, and the position of teams will surely change through the year. Three of the four #1 seeds are clear — Syracuse, Kentucky, and Ohio State… more »

Full Reaction to the Bracket

Well, like many analysts, I was surprised by many of the seeding decisions by this year’s Selection Committee.  Unlike many analysts, though, I thought that the Committee did an admirable job seeding the top half of the field…which, given the track records of teams seeded below the 8-line at making the final four, should probably… more »

2011 Bubble / Selection Sunday Open Thread

All teams (and conferences) below are listed in order on my S-Curve. UPDATED: Sunday morning at 8:45 am Pacific Time. Locks (57) Big East (11) Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Syracuse, UConn, Louisville, West Virginia, St. John’s, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Marquette, Villanova Big Ten (3) Ohio State, Wisconsin, Purdue Big 12 (4) Kansas, Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas State… more »

Thoughts on the Final Tournament Bracket

Despite the fact this was one of my worst years ever (64/65 teams; only 50/65 within one line), Guerrero’s Committee did a perfectly fine job of selecting the field.  As I wrote in my Bubble Breakdown earlier this morning, I have no problem with the Gators being selected over Illinois. I don’t think the Illini,… more »

Bracketography’s NCAA Tournament Bubble Breakdown

Updated Sunday morning at 8:00 am PT. Bubble Math: 1) A team is only a “lock” if its chance of making the NCAA Tournament as an at-large is better than 95%. I really don’t like moving teams out of “lock” status because they’ve lost four games in a row. 2) 31 teams earn automatic bids… more »

Bracketography’s Saturday Night Bubble S-Curve

Just wanted to hit people with a quick run-down, in case you want to discuss.  I am off to watch the Big East and WAC Finals! Nines Old Dominion (CAA) Clemson UNLV Utah State (WAC) Tens Missouri Minnesota Washington (Pac-10) Florida State Elevens UTEP Louisville Wake Forest California Twelves Siena (MAAC) Cornell (Ivy) Illinois Georgia… more »

Stag party cancelled: Siena makes comeback, heads to NCAA Tournament for third straight time

Siena faced a double-digit deficit as shots misfired, the defense was sliced, and 10,679 green and gold followers sat in their Times Union Center seats silent and confused. But does it matter? It’s Siena. The Saints are the unchallenged, two-time defending MAAC Champion. They’re going to make a run and blow out Fairfield. That run… more »

Thoughts on the Fourth #1 Seed

At this point, Kansas has all but locked up the overall #1 seed, in the Midwest region.  Syracuse and Kentucky will continue to battle for the #2/#3 line, but because Syracuse can’t play in the East region (whose semi-final and final it hosts), Kentucky will be in the East and Syracuse in the South.  Which… more »

MAAC Semis and Championship coverage

New kids, Fairfield, ride senior to advance to Championship vs. Siena Fairfield was the only semifinal participant that wasn’t in at least one of the last two MAAC Championships. Matter fact, they haven’t played on MAAC Championship Monday since the 2003 season. But down the stretch, the No. 2 seed Stags looked like the experienced… more »

Purple Eagles’ experience leads to upset

Niagara come into the ’09-’10 season with high expectations. They were expected to be right behind frontrunner Siena, and were predicted to head to the MAAC Championship game behind the leadership of Tyrone Lewis. After an up-and-down campaign, the Purple Eagles might be realizing that potential at the right time. Niagara, ranked No. 6, struggled… more »

Broncos buck Saint Peter’s with strong defense

St. Peter’s rode a stingy defense to Albany in hopes of making a run at the MAAC crown. But it’s offensive inefficiency early in Saturday’s MAAC quarterfinal game prevented that defense from ever making the No. 5 seed Rider Broncos uncomfortable. Rider, led by 1st Team All–MAAC selection Ryan Thompson, displayed it’s own defensive prowess… more »

Canisius’ comeback effort low blowed, Fairfield advances

It was hard enough for No. 7 seed Canisius to make a comeback against No. 2 Fairfield at the MAAC Tournament. They were down by as many as 22 points and had a limited bench to give the starters rest. It didn’t help when the team lost its best player to ejection with 5:09 remaining… more »

Siena survives scare, advances to MAAC semis

It was a foregone conclusion that the Siena Saints would make it to the MAAC Championship. So when the No. 8 seed Manhattan Jaspers took a 16-4 lead eight minutes into the game, the 8,914 Siena fans at the Times Union Center in Albany were shocked and silent. It was one of many shocking occurrences… more »

MAAC Tournament Recap

Game 1: Broncos buck Saint Peter’s with strong defense St. Peter’s rode a stingy defense to Albany in hopes of making a run at the MAAC crown. But its offensive inefficiency early in Saturday’s MAAC quarterfinal game prevented that defense from ever making the No. 5 seed Rider Broncos uncomfortable. Rider, led by 1st Team… more »

The Heroes and Villains of Championship Week

As the calendar turns to March, America tingles with the anticipation of the Cinderella stories sure to emerge over the course of the next four weeks.  Blissfully ignorant of these “inferior leagues” these last four months, all eyes now turn to conferences like the Colonial, Horizon, and WAC. Especially if you’re a fan of a… more »

California’s Unique Resume

California won its first Pac-10 title in 50 years over the weekend by sweeping the Arizona schools at Haas Pavilion.  Congratulations to Mike Montgomery and all of the players.  Ordinarily that feat would mean a top-four seed, and with this year’s host sites, a first-round placement in San Jose. Not this year, however.  The Pac-10… more »

Colonial Athletic Association Report

The Colonial Athletic Association has been one of college basketball’s biggest surprises this season. The CAA Tournament could be the best of the mid-major tourneys, as a number of teams could take the automatic bid. There is also a strong possibility the CAA could have multiple teams in the Big Dance. In his most recent… more »

Big Ten Midseason Report

Depending on the week, time of day or whether the sky is filled with cirrus or cumulonimbus clouds, the Big Ten is either having a great year, a good year, or a down year. The same can be said about nearly all of the teams in the conference. At one point, many prognosticators had seven… more »

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