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How will the Big Ten fare in the NCAA Tournament?

“The Big Ten was bad this year. No way around the truth.” – Bracketography’s David Mihm on Selection Sunday. Lost in all the Selection Sunday madness was any discussion of the Big Ten. And, because of the questionable season the entire conference put together, maybe the lack of discussion was warranted. That said, only four… more »

Big East Semifinal: Pitt-Marquette

Red Rover champions, these officials must be. Under the guise of a basketball game, Tim Higgins, Reggie Greenwood, and Pat Driscoll craftily chose and removed the most irreplaceable player from each team. Foul trouble forced both teams to bench crucial starters. In the children’s game of Red Rover, once your best player is removed the… more »

Bracketography’s “Best in State” Awards

Where are the best of the best from? With All-Conference Teams mostly announced in the last two days, we at Bracketography thought we’d take a little different approach to our awards: the point of this article is to take a look at the best five from each state in the nation. Talented players tend to… more »

Big 12 Confidential Awards and Analysis (Week 9)

Hot Topic: With a win on Wednesday, Oklahoma and Texas A&M went from bubble teams sitting on the outside to real Tournament contenders. Wednesday’s victories marked a possible turning point for both schools. After dealing with injuries (Oklahoma) and moments of sheer stupidity (A&M losing consecutive home games to Oklahoma State and Nebraska), both schools… more »

Missouri Valley Conference Award Ceremony

Player of the Year: Adam Emmenecker, Drake. The spunky guard floats around the floor not with boundless athleticism, but with the clearest understanding of prudent play. Rarely shooting more than eight times a game, Emmenecker led the conference in assists (6.7 per game). During conference play he dished out over 30 more than anyone else… more »

Creighton Basketball: Still Pressing, But Impressing?

The system is the same. Thankfully, the coach is the same. There was a frightful window in which Dana Altman was gone, but he chose to return. The roster he returned, too, is hardly the same. The turnover in Omaha was tremendous. No team lost more in the Missouri Valley. Way back in October, Altman… more »

Big 12 Confidential (Week 8)

Hot Topic: What a week this should be for the Big 12 Conference. It seems just like yesterday we were talking about the conference getting six bids into the tournament, and now with the recent play of a few teams (namely Oklahoma, Baylor and Texas A&M), it could be looking at only five tickets. Let’s… more »

Big 12 Confidential (Week 7)

Hot Topic: With the Big 12 season winding down, it’s time to once again take another look at where all six major contenders stand in terms of chances of getting into the Big Dance. Week 8 should give us a lot to talk about with the conference tournament quickly approaching, so this week’s edition of… more »

Big 12 Confidential (Week 6)

Hot Topic: Ah, the Big 12 Conference; it’s good to see you’re back in rare form again! Just when you think you have the Big 12 all figured out this year, the conference turns around throws a Dice-K gyroball your direction. The “consistent” play from Kansas? Gone. Baylor’s Cinderella run? It’s hanging on like one… more »

Missouri Valley Newcomers Attempt to Carry on the Tradition

In this most recent off-season, one coach, Mark Turgeon, left for the money and recruiting benefits of the Big 12. His departure, coupled with the graduation of countless valuable seniors, leaves the MVC fighting for that elusive consistency that power conferences tend to have. Look at the list of names of the departed, leaving gaping… more »

SEC Mid-Season Review

How bad is the SEC? Entering conference play, many believed it to be the worst of the six major conferences. According to the overall RPI, the league hasn’t done much to prove that prediction incorrect. The SEC is fifth in the country in conference RPI, ahead of only the Big Ten. However, just one week… more »

Big 12 Confidential (Week 5)

Hot Topic: I was thinking about writing a huge post on the resignation of former Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight and the impact it could have on the team in the coming weeks, but I figured most of us have already gotten their fill of the story from ESPN.com and the rest of the crew… more »

Reloading, Part III: The USC Trojans

Imagine Tim Floyd’s stomach last April. Floyd may have single-handedly propelled sales of Alka-seltzer in the Los Angeles area to an all-time record. Prior to April, it was assumed his Trojans, who finished T-3rd in the Pac-10 during the regular season, runner-up in the Pac-10 Tournament, and made an appearance in the Sweet 16, were… more »

Marquette Basketball: A Story with Holes

Sit down children. Be quiet and keep your hands to yourself. It is time for a “Story With Holes.” John and Mary were lying dead in a puddle with broken glass. Chester wasn’t found. Why is that? While you ponder that, let’s look at another Story With Holes. This hole is in the middle. The… more »

From New Heights

This season in college basketball, 3-pointers are being released from extraordinary heights. No, guards are not jumping higher. Taller players are becoming arc-roamers. Five of the 18 most accurate long-range shooters in the land are 6’7” or taller. For the modern prototype, look no further than Kevin Durant. The 6’9” Durant certainly did not begin… more »

Big 12 Confidential (Week 4)

Hot Topic: Far be it for me to call the Kansas State Wildcats and star frosh Michael Beasley one of the biggest sleeper teams in college basketball, after all I’d only seen the team play a couple of times throughout the season, and a couple of those games happened to be two of their four… more »

Texas A&M v. Baylor (The Recap)

When I started writing for Bracketography.com a couple months ago, I made a solemn pact with myself that no matter what happened during the Big 12 conference season to my beloved Texas A&M basketball team, I would make sure to handle the recaps and reports on the team with the same class and professionalism that… more »

UConn Come Back

A typically short-tempered Jim Calhoun somehow disallowed impatience to consume him. The last year was unquestionably difficult on the program. For a school with 11 Sweet 16 appearances in the last 17 years, a regular season record of 17-14 hurts. It hurts badly. The present was bleak, but the future had promise. Predominantly because the… more »

Reloading, Part II: The Ohio State Buckeyes

The tears were flowing in Columbus, Ohio, last April. The Ohio State Buckeyes, who lost to Florida in the BCS Championship game in January and had already lost to the Gators on the hardwood back in December, were swallowed up by the Gators once again, this time in the NCAA title game. It wasn’t just… more »

Big XII Confidential (Week 3)

Hot Topics: Sound the alarms in College Station, Texas, because the Texas A&M Aggies are currently in panic mode. After two blowout losses last week to Texas Tech and Kansas State on the road, the Aggies need to take a hard look in the mirror to figure out what the heck is going wrong. A&M… more »

Reloading, Part I: The Gators

In college basketball, the term “reloading” is thrown around often. Perhaps too often. It is one thing for a team to win a conference championship, lose a Player of the Year candidate and a few other weapons, and then compete for a conference title the following season (see this year’s Wisconsin Badgers). It is even… more »

The Life Of Brians

Shhhh. A city in Ohio has a secret. The sixth most populous city in the 34th biggest state understandably remains nationally underrated for basketball fervor. For goodness sakes, the very first “mechanical money drawer” was invented in this fine town. How could such a basketball revelation escape if money itself was perfectly protected in the… more »

Hoops are High in Ohio

Downtown Cleveland, a giddy scream of “Yahoo!” cuts through the windy, bitter cold night air. Mere minutes earlier the source of the cheer was storming the floor, bouncing up and down on the hardwood celebrating the upset of a ranked opponent. Could the exuberance really be the result of a Cleveland State basketball game? The… more »

Big XII Confidential (Week 2)

Hot Topics: Well, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all weekend–or you don’t follow the Big 12 as closely as I do–then you probably already heard the news of Texas’ demise in Columbia, Missouri. If you saw the game, then you know Texas was not outclassed–the ‘Horns were merely outscored. Look, I’m all for… more »

Big XII Bonanza (Week One)

Hot Topic: Well it’s official: After watching the Kansas Jayhawks play over the weekend against Boston College, it’s safe to say that they are one of the best teams in the nation. I guess it didn’t take a genius to figure out that Kansas was a great team, but wow, talk about having every position… more »

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