NCAA Bracket Projections 2013: Illinois Makes An Entrance

by Matt Woods | February 11th, 2013

The seedings on the home page have been updated to reflect the latest NCAA bracket projections through games played on February 10th. The bracket projections are based on the algorithmic models at TeamRankings.com, and also account for the specific rules for seeding set forth by the NCAA tournament committee.

Notes On Today’s 2013 NCAA Bracket Projection:

  • We now project Miami as the #1 overall seed. The Hurricanes have now won 11 straight, including wins over La Salle, North Carolina (twice), Duke and North Carolina State, all teams that are also in our bracket projections.
  • Teams from the South may find themselves at a bit of a disadvantage with the 2013 NCAA tournament bracket. There is not a first/second round site or a regional site within 1,000 miles of Miami, for example. The Final Four 2013 is held in Atlanta, GA this year, though.
  • Duke is also projected as a 1 seed in the most current bracket projections, however since the Blue Devils could meet Miami twice more this season, there’s a good chance that one will get a 1 seed to the exclusion of the other.
  • Illinois took down Indiana and Minnesota last week to jump from out of the bracket to a projected 9 seed. We¬†actually¬†project the Illini as a 10 seed, but avoiding conference matchups required a bump to the 9 seed line.
  • Our bracket projections have the WAC to landing two teams in the 2013 bracket, with Denver winning the conference tournament and Louisiana Tech receiving an at large.

Every effort was made to adhere to the committee’s seeding rules for this latest bracket projection, but if you spot something we’ve missed please let us know.

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