NCAA Bracket Projections 2013: James Madison Crashes The Party

by Matt Woods | March 12th, 2013

We just updated the site to reflect our latest 2013 NCAA bracket projections through games played on March 11th. These bracket projections are based on the algorithmic models at TeamRankings.com, and also account for the specific rules for seeding set forth by the NCAA selection committee.

Notes On Today’s 2013 NCAA Bracket Projections:

  • The same teams as yesterday are projected to receive at large bids in today’s NCAA bracket projections.
  • James Madison entered the bracket as a 15-seed, moving Ohio to a 14-seed.
  • Memphis and Wisconsin switched places, with the Tigers moving up to a 5-seed and the Badgers moving down to a 6-seed.
  • Duke held onto to it’s spot as the top overall seed.

As always, every effort was made to adhere to the committee’s seeding rules for this latest bracket projection, but if you spot something we’ve missed please let us know.

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  1. Keith Says:

    Error: With less than 8 teams in, ACC teams should not meet until elite 8 by NCAA bracketing rules, but you have Miami and UNC in the same pod! Swap out UNC and Oklahoma

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  2. Matt Woods Says:

    You were spot on here, Keith. Everything should be good now.

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