NCAA Bracket Projections 2013: Kentucky Safe For Now

by Matt Woods | March 14th, 2013

We just updated the site to reflect our latest 2013 NCAA bracket projections through games played on March 13th. These bracket projections are based on the algorithmic models at TeamRankings.com, and also account for the specific rules for seeding set forth by the NCAA selection committee.

Notes On Today’s 2013 NCAA Bracket Projections:

  • Kentucky and Wichita State continue to improve in our 2013 NCAA bracket projections. Kentucky has moved from the play-in game to an 11-seed, while Whichita St has gone from out of the tournament to a 10-seed in a matter of days.
  • Saint Louis is now a protected top -4 seed, and could very well play its first two tournament games in the state of Missouri.
  • In the MEAC, favorites Norfolk St and NC-Central both lost in the quarterfinals last night, and our bracket projections now predict Savannah St to grab the auto-bid.
  • Once again, no changes to the top of the bracket, but with the major conference tournaments finally getting underway that could change soon.

As always, every effort was made to adhere to the committee’s seeding rules for this latest bracket projection, but if you spot something we’ve missed please let us know.

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  1. Henry Muto Says:

    How in the world can you have Saint Mary’s as a 7 seed ? They might not even make the tournament and you have them as a 7 seed ? They have 1 count them 1 total win vs an NCAA tournament at large level team (Home vs Creighton) this is it. They have 1 top 50 win. The next best win is vs NIT at best team BYU.

    They also have 2 losses to 101+ RPI (Pacific and Ga-Tech)

    I am wondering if they will make the tournamnet at all and you have them as a 7 seed ? That is insane…if they do make the tournament they will be no higher than a 10 or 11 seed and maybe in the First 4.

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  2. Henry Muto Says:

    Other seeds that seem off besides Saint Mary’s which seems way off.

    5 Memphis (How are they this high ?)
    8 Butler (How are they this low ?)
    9 Creighton (How are they this low ?)
    12 Southern Miss (How are in the field ?)
    12 Cincinnati (Seems low to me has them in a play in game)

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  3. Matt Woods Says:

    We actually have St. Mary’s as an 8-seed, but they had to be moved to a 7-seed to adhere to all of the committee’s seeding rules. 74/77 brackets tracked by the bracket matrix have the Gaels in the tourney, so it would be a pretty big shock if they didn’t make it (http://www.bracketmatrix.com/).

    Same with Memphis by the way. The Tigers are on the 5-line instead of the 6 to keep teams from the same conference apart.

    Obviously reasonable minds can, and do, disagree about all of this. We’ll see how things shake out on Selection Sunday.

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  4. Henry Muto Says:

    I got all 68 taems correct for the 1st time ever I posted on CBS site at 6 PM my true seeds 1-68

    Let’s see how I did with the stuff I said I disagreed with you on.

    Saint Mary’s barely made the field was the 3rd to last team in (exactly where I had them I had the last 4 in correct and in the same true seed order as the committe) I knew they were never a 8 or 7 seed.

    Memphis I give you credit you and the committee had them way higher then me (I had them at 8 seed) you win that one but only that one.

    Butler I had as a 6 and they were a 6
    Creighton I had as a 7 they were a 7
    Southern Miss I said they were out and they were out
    Cincy I had as a 9 they were a 10

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  5. Henry Muto Says:

    CBS link

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