2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Top Lines Are In Flux

by Bracket Update | February 22nd, 2012

The bracket on the home page has been updated to reflect games through Tuesday, February 21st.

A few thoughts:

  • That one seed that we said would go to either Missouri or Kansas? It’s looking like it may be headed Kansas’s way, given Missouri’s home loss to Kansas State.
  • Ohio State continues their downward slide, and is no longer even the top-rated team from the Big Ten, as Michigan State takes their place. The Spartans still have a shot at a #1 seed, but the last one may end up going to Duke.
  • It’s unlikely that there will be a playoff game between two #13 seeds, but remember that some of those conference tourney winners projected in the #11 and #12 seed lines will get upset, moving the last at larges up a seed line.
  • Similarly, Nevada would be a very strong #15 seed. They’ve already knocked off a couple of Pac-12 teams (Washington and Arizona State), and they played UNLV close on the road. But some surprise conference tourney winners will probably be slotted below them, bumping them up to #14 (assuming they take care of business themselves).

This bracket hasn’t been scrubbed for rematches. So if you catch a mistake, please leave a comment, and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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  1. Danny Says:

    I don’t believe that Nevada and Kansas have played this year…

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  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, I’ve changed the text. Sorry, that was originally written about Davidson, and then I forgot to change the rest once I switched it to Nevada.

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  3. Jake Says:

    Having Illinois in the field has to be a mistake right?

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  4. admin Says:

    No, no mistake. They wouldn’t be in today, but today is one loss later, and they were barely in last time. They may have a terrible Big Ten record, but remember that: A) non-conference play counts, and they beat went 11-2 with a win over Gonzaga while only losing to UNLV and Missouri; B) they have beaten both Ohio State and Michigan State, which is a pair of wins as good as nearly any team in the country.

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  5. Jake Says:

    Very true on their quality wins. Also didn’t realize that this was posted earlier in the week before they lost again. My bad.

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  6. admin Says:

    No problem! My initial reaction to all those teams near the bubble is that there must have been some mistake. :)

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  7. John Says:

    Where’s Southern Mississippi?

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