2012 NCAA Tournament Projected Bracket (Reflecting Games Through February 13)

by Bracket Update | February 14th, 2012

This is just a quick heads up that the bracket on the home page has been updated. The new seedings reflect games through Monday, February 13th.

A few thoughts:

  • It’s beginning to look like one of the #1 seeds is almost guaranteed to go to Missouri or Kansas, unless both stumble down the stretch.
  • Ohio State seemed in great shape, but a home loss is pretty damaging. If they don’t win the Big Ten regular season, they could easily slip down to a #2 seed.
  • It’s unlikely that there will be a playoff game between two #13 seeds, but remember that some of those conference tourney winners projected in the #11 and #12 seed lines will get upset, moving the last at larges up a seed line.
  • Similarly, Davidson would be a very strong #15 seed. They already knocked of Kansas, after all. But some surprise conference tourney winners will probably be slotted below them, bumping them up to #14 (assuming they take care of business themselves).
  • The Big Ten had an amazing 9 teams. It sounds crazy on the face of it, but once you dive into actual performance, it seems fair. Then again, in a real bracket, Northwestern would likely be out, as their spot would be gobbled up by someĀ surpriseĀ major conference tournament winners.

A little more time was spent on actually bracketing teams this week, to try to avoid the re-match problems that were in last week’s bracket. But nobody’s perfect, so if you catch a mistake, please leave a comment, and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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