Only One Day Left: Saturday Update to 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket

by Bracket Update | March 10th, 2012

A new bracket is up, taking into account games through Friday, February 9th.

Yesterday’s slate created a ton of movement, as it seemed like every team on the 1o line through the bubble played, and a lot of them lost. Plenty of squads moved up a line or two simply because they didn’t play, while their fellow at large hopefuls took dubious losses.

Entering the bracket:

  • #12 North Carolina State is in, thanks to a win over #11 Virginia. Fellow ACC member Miami is out, mostly thanks to a loss to Florida State.
  • #12 Seton Hall enters the bracket despite not playing, thanks to losses by many other bubble teams. Mississippi State drops out. Their loss to Georgia is looking worse, while Seton Hall’s loss to Louisville is looking better.
  • #13 Arizona is in as the new projected autobid winner in the Pac-12. Washington is, somewhat amazingly, out.
  • #14 New Mexico State is in as the new projected autobid winner in the WAC. Nevada is out.
  • #16 Lamar is in as the new projected autobid winner in the Southland Conference. Texas-Arlington is out.

The current last teams out: Mississippi, Mississippi State, Northwestern, Marshall.

There was some shuffling of the top seeds and their regions, as well. The loss by Kansas dropped them behind North Carolina for fourth overall, which means they’d be headed out west to Phoenix. Kentucky then heads to St. Louis (which is actually closer to Lexington than Atlanta is), and North Carolina to Atlanta. There is a distinct chance that the winner of the Big Ten title game takes the last #1 seed. We’ll re-evaluate with fresh eyes tomorrow morning.

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