Preliminary Selection Sunday 2012 NCAA Bracket Prediction Is Up

by Bracket Update | March 11th, 2012

This is just a quick note to highlight the fact that a new predicted NCAA bracket has been posted.

The new NCAA bracket takes into account all games played through Saturday. This means there are only four games left which could affect the bracket, and contingency plans exist for all of them. Though the contingency plan for a Florida State win over North Carolina is “re-bracket most of the field,” so we’ll be rooting for the Tar Heels on Sunday.

You may be surprised that Ohio State moved onto the top line. That’s because this bracket assumes the Buckeyes will beat Michigan State. If the Spartans win instead, the two teams will be flipped. If we were truly bracketing the field based on current┬áresumes, Kansas would likely keep a #1 seed. But one of those two Big Ten teams will have a significantly better resume in about 12 hours.

The only team playing on Sunday that’s not already in the Bracketography at large field is St. Bonaventure. If the Bonnies win, NC State likely drops out of the NCAA bracket (though there’s a chance this could change once we review the bubble again after a good night’s sleep).

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