St John’s Red Storm

by Andrew Force | November 12th, 2007

2006-2007 Record: 16-15 (7-9), 11th
Postseason Games:
3/7/07 Marquette Big East Tournament L 67-76

Returning Statistical Leaders:
11.9 ppg – Anthony Mason Jr.
5.9 rpg – Anthony Mason Jr.
5.6 apg – Eugene Lawrence

Starting Lineup: Key Stat:
PF Justin Burrell 6’8 Fr. #1 ranked Post-graduate in nation
F Anthony Mason Jr. 6’7 Jr. 6 FT attempts per game
G/F D. J. Kennedy 6’6 Fr. 1 = PA state titles his father won
SG Larry Wright 6’2 So. Only 1 of 5 playable ’06 recruits
PG Eugene Lawrence 6’1 Sr. 35.4 minutes per game in conference

Key Player Losses: Lamont Hamilton and Avery Patterson.

The courageous Hamilton managed a nice career with limited physical gifts.

Leading scorer amongst the guard returnees, Avery Patterson bolted the Big East for DII Tarleton State. His absence leaves SJU in a transition year again. If every year is a transition, does that then become the standard?

Impact Newcomer: In a perfect world, gobs of these rooks would be battling for the title of Freshman of the Year.

Though his impact will not be immediate, Malik Boothe should be the best of the class this year. The Geno Lawrence era is winding down to the amusement of many of fans. Boothe is the future at the point. New Yorkers love a good point guard. Because he works so hard on the defensive end and looks to distribute, Boothe will find plenty of playing time in this his first year.

Omar Cook and Erick Barkley both came from Christ the King to St. John’s as Boothe is doing. Hopefully, Boothe stays longer than both.

Tough Question: Can Anthony Mason, Jr. be a dominant Big East player?

This season there are few options. With the transfer of Quarran Calhoun, the experience is once again a problem. Mason, Jr. is well-respected and works hard most of the time. This year he will be exposed greatly. Coach Norm Roberts hopes he will not be overexposed or revealed to have already reached his ceiling halfway through his college career.

Too Much PT: Eugene Lawrence.

Lawrence is a steadying influence for the Johnnies. That said, he does not need to be on the floor over 35 minutes a night. His shot accuracy, endurance, and mental focus will increase with more rest. Coach Roberts should have new opportunities to spell EL this year.

Get Him on the Floor: Those who felt they deserved to play more left. Three potential starters transferred out in the off-season.

Point Guards’ Impact: Eugene Lawrence is a strong guard that has experience playing in a dual-point backcourt. In high school, he shared the ball with Sebastian Telfair. Obviously, in this case the word shared is loosely used.

Should Coach Roberts decide to run Malik Boothe alongside Lawrence, there is precedence.

Expectations: Rob Thomas. More than anything Thomas is just delaying the failure of expectations.

The nearly 21-year old freshman has been around campus for years. First he was a partial qualifier, meaning he had to be a student before he earned the student-athlete moniker.

He has done that.

Then, while ramping up towards his debut season, Thomas tore his ACL, LCL, and lateral meniscus. The plan is tentatively a January return. Judging by the late March tears, the chances of Thomas showcasing his true game this season are once again remote.

As an aside, the mere fact that Rob Thomas is in a college is nothing short of a miracle. The guy is diagnosed dyslexic, borderline homeless, and began to read and write four years ago.

Final Word: Eight freshmen. Two will have to start regardless. Even if Greg Oden were one of the newbies, the Johnnies would struggle. He isn’t. They will.

–Andrew Force


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  1. Leonard Says:

    you have something against dyslexics man? thats just being prejudice, and rob thomas isn’t a ‘miracle’ as you shrewdly put it, he just blessed by God. Rob’s my friend, you’d have to understand his background before you talk shit about him.

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  2. Andrew Force Says:

    I was not intending to insult Rob Thomas. He has overcome amazing odds to make it into college.

    It is more a testament to the overriding power of athletics and perhaps his motivation.

    Reading it again my writing does seem a bit harsh and I apologize. The point is that most people when faced with obstacles do not make it into college.

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  3. Marc Says:

    where did quarran calhoun transfer to? also malik boothe should be starting right now… he’s so solid… still give eugene 20 min a game.. hell give em both 30 min and have em both in the majority of the game but get malik his minutes!!! DJ kennedy can be ok when he slashes but stop shooting the ball from outside 8-10 feet. mason jr. has regressed as a player… he’s so damn annoying to watch. he’s not good… he’s a solid player at like IONA or HOFSTRA but i’m sick of him getting all these minutes and not playing well… he’ll make 3-4 great looking plays a game but turns over the ball way too often and is sloppy!!!

    i love BURRELL… lets clone him… nuff said. rob thomas is solid… get him some damn minutes COACH NORM please! and stop playing jasilunious. he’s a big body i get it and is good for 3 fouls a game but please stop it already.

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  4. Andrew Force Says:

    Calhoun is now playing for Barton County Community College.

    As of January 9th, he was dumping in 16 ppg and yanking down 6 rebounds per.
    He leads the team in minutes played and has put up 19% of the teams shots. Surely these numbers make him feel at home way out in Kansas.

    Barton is traditionally a very talented JuCo in Great Bend, Kansas.

    Alumni, if you will, include JP Batista (Gonzaga), Ebi Ere (Oklahoma), and current Dayton Flyer Thiago Cordeiro.

    I guess Brennan Bechard deserves mention merely because he is an invited walk-on on Kansas. Though he has played only 16 game minutes to date, Bechard could earn a NCAA Championship ring with a stacked Jayhawk squad.

    All four of his sisters have names that start with “Q”. That is interesting to at least me.

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  5. Marc Says:

    andrew… thanks for the reply on QC. i know barton very well… didnt know he went there. why would he go back to a JC though. academics. have no respect for the kid now.

    what about avery patterson? i see he’s avg’ing 16 pts a game and 4 brds for tarleton. but why did he leave the big east for d2 school in texas? whats the connection? is it academics too? was he not big on NYC atmosphere? i’m at a loss with his departure.

    what do you think of the other notes i had? agree? disagree? i’m watching the start of deapual and sju and once again jasiulionis is starting… what is with this kid getting any kind of minutes… and mason jr. is so damn soft! get thomas, boothe, horne and even cavataio more mins.

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  6. st. johns fan 1011 Says:

    i think the way st. john’s is playing they are on of the best in the nation

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  7. sherman Says:

    where does quarrann calhoun go to college now?

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  8. Jameson Says:

    Calhoun goes to Houston now.

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