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A-Mason Returns

Anthony Mason Jr. returned to action on January 9  in Louisville, nearly 14 months after his college career seemingly ended. His first shot back clanged off the rim, just long.  But in truth there were days his return appeared a longshot. The return has not been completed.  His lateral movement appears cautious and the forward… more »

Pitino’s Problem

Traditionally well-stocked power Louisville is about to reach deep into their provisions. The former 10th and 11th men off the bench need to make sure they are wearing actual uniforms under their warm-ups. Tying shoes tight actually matters now. ‘Lace ‘em up kid, you are going in!’ Injuries continue to pelt the ‘Ville like an… more »

2007-2008 Louisville Cardinals Preview

Senior Writer Andy Force takes a look at the 2007-2008 edition of the Louisville Cardinals.

Reactions to the 2007 NCAA Tournament Bracket

General Comments: Selection Committee Chair Gary Walters has repeated in numerous interviews that this was the hardest field to select and seed that he has encountered in his five years on the Selection Committee. I agree wholeheartedly. The number of teams in contention for the last couple of at-large slots was already massive before all… more »

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