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Reloading, Part III: The USC Trojans

Imagine Tim Floyd’s stomach last April. Floyd may have single-handedly propelled sales of Alka-seltzer in the Los Angeles area to an all-time record. Prior to April, it was assumed his Trojans, who finished T-3rd in the Pac-10 during the regular season, runner-up in the Pac-10 Tournament, and made an appearance in the Sweet 16, were… more »

Upsets That Went Unnoticed, Until Now!

Night after night college basketball fans think they’ve heard nothing but consistent coverage of monumental upsets. Well, not exactly. In fact, quite the opposite. Several BCS-conference schools have gotten a pass for pitiful losses either because of other newsworthy items that day or lack of overall knowledge. This is why I’m here. At least I… more »

USC vs Oklahoma

On paper the roster looks like a total mess: five freshman, five sophomores, three juniors and not one single senior. It looks bad. Based on those numbers alone, it’s impossible to think that any team could ever dream of hanging with some of the best teams in the country, let alone even fathom vying for… more »

Upsets Abound Early in 2007-’08 Season

MILWAUKEE – As the 11th-ranked Marquette Golden Eagles take the floor for warm-ups, I couldn’t help but wonder if these highly-touted recruits were truly worried about a school with five initials. With eight minutes left in the game and IUPUI only down one (55-54), the answer was a clear “no.” It’s just ridiculous to assume… more »

2007 Sweet 16 Predictions – East and Midwest

EAST No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 5 USC Of Note: Almost everyone figured Texas would cakewalk into this matchup with the Tar Heels (I wasn’t among them, having seen the Trojans on several occasions this year). But Tim Floyd’s crew crashed the party, thanks to a superb defensive effort against D.J. Augustin in a… more »

2006-2007 USC Trojans

Team Personality: This team is as athletic a team as you will find in college basketball. The problem is that they are still trying to be consistent with what head coach Tim Floyd is asking them to do; namely play superior defense and attack on offense. When Floyd took over for former coach Henry Bibby,… more »

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