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Team Profile: 2008 BracketBuster Recap: Illinois State 54, Wright State 46

On every team there are five guys that believe they can do better. They can score more points, make crazier passes, shutdown more opponents than the players who are actually on the floor. On the very best teams, there are one or two guys who truthfully can do better, if given the chance. Illinois State… more »

Team Profile: 2008 BracketBuster Preview: Wright State at Illinois State

Quite the anomaly exists in western Ohio. The lowlands of Dayton are currently housing a Mountain Man. Wright State freshman Cooper Land began growing quite the beard over a month ago. Purely superstitious in its inception, the beard will not be shaven until Wright State loses. Last Saturday, it looked like the razor might finally… more »

On Point: Know Your Opponents

When analyzing matchups, experts tend to look at the obvious: rankings, star players, and big-name coaches. All of these play a factor, but sometimes a win just comes down to knowing your opponent. How does the opposition score? From the foul line? Mid-range jumpers? Three-pointers? And, almost as important, where are your team’s defensive weaknesses?… more »

Reactions to the 2007 NCAA Tournament Bracket

General Comments: Selection Committee Chair Gary Walters has repeated in numerous interviews that this was the hardest field to select and seed that he has encountered in his five years on the Selection Committee. I agree wholeheartedly. The number of teams in contention for the last couple of at-large slots was already massive before all… more »

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